Connecting a domain with Hosting requires only two steps:

  1. Update your Hosting account Nameservers in your domain. It will direct a domain to the hosting server.
  2. Add your domain to the Hosting Control Panel.

Update Nameservers in a domain.

Why do we need to update Nameservers in a domain?

When you update nameservers for your domain, you are essentially telling the internet where to find your website's hosting location. This is crucial to ensure that when someone enters your domain name in their browser, they are directed to the right place where your website's files and data are stored. It's like giving your domain a set of instructions on where to go when someone wants to visit your website.

What if I own a Domain with a PK TLD such as .pk or

For PK domains, managing the DNS/NS can only be done from the system core. Don't get frustrated while trying to update Nameservers in the domain through the Client Area. If you have a PK domain, just send a support ticket to us, and we'll add your DNS or Nameservers for you. Our billing team will take care of it, but please understand that it might take some time depending on how many tickets they have to handle. Your patience is appreciated!

What are the steps to update/replace the Nameservers?

If you have chosen TheBeeHost Web Hosting Company for registering your domain, you'll have complete control over your domain and DNS for all domain TLDs except for .PK domains.

To update the Nameservers for your domain in TheBeeHost, follow these steps:

1. Log in to TheBeeHost's Client Portal using your registered email address and password.


2. Navigate to the "Domains" section. that will exist in top-nav Bar.


3. Click on the specific domain you want to manage from the domains list. This will take you to the domain details page.

4. Look for the "Nameservers" tab. Click on the Nameservers tab to access the Nameservers management section.

5. In the Nameservers section, you should see the current Nameservers associated with your domain.

6. Replace the existing Nameservers with the new ones provided by your web hosting provider.

7. Save the changes by clicking on the Change Nameservers button or confirming the update.


After updating the Nameservers, your domain will start pointing to the new hosting provider.

Keep in mind that DNS changes may take some time to propagate across the global servers, so please be patient as the update takes effect.


If you have any further questions or encounter any issues during the process, don't hesitate to reach out to TheBeeHost's support for assistance.

Add domain in Hosting Control Panel.


Log in to cPanel

First, Log in to cPanel whichever method you would like. ( via Client Area or Manually)
Scroll down to the Domains section and click on Addon Domains.

Addon Domains Tool is missing from cPanel?

As of cPanel version 106 and beyond, the process to add a domain has been slightly modified. So, if you are unable to find Addon Domains.  You should get into Domains ⇒ Create a New Domain.

Adding domain

Type the domain name you want to add in the New Domain Name field. The other fields, such as the Subdomain and Document Root, will be automatically generated by cPanel based on the domain name you enter. If you want to use a different directory for the addon domain, you can customize that field.


Before cPanel 106 version release

cPanel ⇒ Domains ⇒ Addon Domains

In cPanel 106 and later version release

cPanel ⇒ Domains ⇒ Domains ⇒ Create a New Domain

FTP Account ( Optional )

It is not mandatory to check the "Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain" option when adding an addon domain in cPanel.

This option simply allows you to create a separate FTP account for the new domain, which can be useful if you want to give someone else access to the files on that domain without giving them access to your main cPanel account.

If you do not need a separate FTP account for the new domain, you can leave this option unchecked. However, if you do want to create an FTP account for the new domain, make certain to enter a password in the "Password" field before clicking on the Add Domain button.

Finally, You made it!




Before heading to add the domain in DirectAdmin. Please remember that you have updated DirectAdmin account nameservers in your domain.

Login to DirectAdmin

Log in to your DirectAdmin control panel by entering the given username and password.


Getting into Domain Setup

Under the Account Manager section, you can see the Domains Setup tool. Click on it.


Domain Management

Domain Setup tool will take you to the Domain Management interface.

Here, just need to press the green [ + ADD NEW ] button.



Create Domain

After that, you will have a window to fill in your domain name inside the Domain field/box.


At the end. hit the blue [ Create ] button.

If you have encountered any technical errors or issues while performing the above steps. Please feel free to reach out to our TheBeeHost Technical Support team.


Stay blessed and Happy hosting journey with TheBeeHost!

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