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TheBeeHost offers free backups to all of its customers so in case any customer some how loses its files or mistakenly deletes some content, they can restore the website data instantly. Recently a lot of customers are found to be abusing the system resources by placing hundreds of Updraft backups of multiple websites in single cPanel, causing to increase their Disk Space usage as well as slowing down the backup process of whole server, thus TheBeeHost Management has decided to implement the new backup policy.
We are adding a new script that will remove all the updraft or all-in-one migration plugin backups on daily basis automatically. It is always recommended to keep your website's backup offline, so it is suggested to download a copy of your website backup weekly in your computer to keep it safe.

At TheBeeHost, we are currently offering these backup policies,

Accounts under 5GB Disk Usage = Daily Backups with 7 Days Retentions (Total 7 Last Backups)

Accounts Bigger than 5GB but under 10GB = Weekly One Backup with 2 Retentions (Total 2 Weekly Backups)

Accounts Bigger than 10GB are not backed up by our backup software, so if your account is bigger than 10GB, it is advised to download your website's one copy every week to your computer.

Please remember, a normal website with good amount of traffic, does not use more than 2GB to 5GB of Disk Space, so if your website is using more than 5GB or 10GB of Disk Space, it is either storing backups using a WordPress Backup Plugin and or your WordPress Cache Plugin settings are not correct and your old cache is not being deleted automatically.

These Backup policies are applied and are effective immediately. It is advised to keep your websites copies offline as well as remove any old or unwanted data from your accounts to keep your accounts safe from malware or viruses.


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