Once your Hosting service is activated, our automation system will send your Web Hosting Account details to your email address that you used for registration.

Please make sure to check your email inbox, including Promotion, Spam, and Social folders. If you can't find the email there or accidentally delete it, you can try looking in your Client Area under Email History as a last resort.

The subject of Mail: TheBeeHost New Web Hosting Account Information


Here is how we have organized the information in the following template:

The Hosting Welcome Mail includes important details such as:

  • Username and Password for accessing the Hosting Panel login page.
  • Temporary URL for viewing the website and uploading files until the domain propagates.
  • Control Panel URL for managing hosting settings.
  • Server Information, including Server Name and Server IP or Hostname.
  • Nameserver information for updating in domain settings to direct/point at the Hosting Server.
  • Temporary FTP Hostname and Webpage URL for managing the website.
  • Email settings, including POP3 and SMTP Host Addresses, Username, and Password.

These details are essential for managing your hosting account effectively.




Still, you didn't get the details?

Then, You should have to contact our Technical Department via ticket.

Ticket Guide


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