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Looking for Only Domain Purchase?
Click Here
Looking for Domain and Hosting BOTH ?
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Once Your Order is Succefully Placed You Will Get Your Invoice
Now Pay Your Invoice Amount
for Payment Guide
USD to PKR rate guide is also mentioned in guide


Send Payment Screenshot at
a Ticket will be generated in your Clientarea 
so Follow that Ticket.
CLICK HERE for Ticket Guide


Our team will verify your payment, Once payment is verified your order will be activated.
We are managing order activation process with our high priority.
Minimum Activation Time is : 2-3 Hours
But it can takes 24 Hours
So Please Wait till that time.
Our team will update you in that ticket you can ask your question also in the ticket.


Now Your Order Is Active


If order is for Hosting and Domain BOTH
System will send you your cPanel and DNS details via Email
CLICK HERE for that guide

If your order is for just Domain name only
You just need to add your hosting nameservers in your domain and add your domain in your cPanel
CLICK HERE for that guide

If you are still facing any issue ?
Contact with our Technical department
Via Ticket Support
for Ticket Support Guide
Our Ticket team is available for 24 hours and answering your tickets within minutes.

How to Buy Domain Only


Follow the guide if you want to place a order just for domain only not hosting.

Do you want to buy Domain and Hosting both then follow this link


Want to buy domain name only then continue wit this guide

1- Follow this link for domain purchase page



2- Enter your desired domain name

First check your domain is available or not – If domain is available then step forward for ADD TO CARD


3- You will find the status of available just right down at the search box

If domain is available then click on “ADD TO CARD” and “CHECKOUT”

4- Now tickmark these all three option
We are providing all three domain features for free we will not charge extra amount for these
1- DNS Managment
2- ID Protection
3- Email Forwarding

These three options are available for .PK domains (.PK is already featured with these options by default)

Enter your hosting nameservers here. You can get your hosting nameservers from your hosting provider.
If you have a hosting from TheBeeHost then check your cPanel email you will find your nameservers at the end of that email.
Remember: Nameservers are unique identity for your hosting and different for all TheBeeHost clients.
and as you saw the nameservers are already entered there these are just example nameservers.

A- TickMark all three options
B- Enter your hosting nameservers
C- Click on “CONTINUE” Button

5- in the next page click on “CHECKOUT”

6- If this is your first purchase on TheBeeHost then you have to fill the form to create your account on TheBeeHost
This is not your first purchase and you have already an account TheBeeHost you just need to click on “ALREADY REGISTERD” button which you see on the top right corner.

7- After this click on AGREE mark and “COMPLETE ORDER” button

Note: ignore the BANK TRANSFER option .

You can pay us from EasyPaisa or JazzCash also

Visit this link to check our payment methods

8- You will get your INVOICE/BILL in the next step.

Amount is mentioned in this invoice

pay your amount and send us the screenshot at

Visit this link to check our payment methods:


for USD to PKR convert rate – Google “USD to PKR”
You will find current dollar rate for PKR


Hosting Details (cPanel)

After your hosting order activation, You will receive an email regarding your hosting information included cPanel login details.

Some times due to technical reasons you may not receive that mail in your inbox so don’t forget to check your SPAM folder

Also check your other folders, SOCIAL, PROMOTIONS

Here is the screenshot of that email.

Title/Subject: TheBeeHost New Web Hosting Account Information 

Open this Mail and you will get all the hosting and cPanel details there

Here is your
1- Username and Password
2- cPanel Link
3- Nameservers

You will use these nameservers with your all domains 

for Nameservers configuration check our GUIDE regarding “Adding Your Domain in Your Hosting”


You can still open your cPanel from your clientarea with one click without username and password



Still need any support ? Submit a ticket to our Technical department our team will guide you within no time

Ticket guide link:

ICANN Domain/Email Verification

1: ICANN verification is not for .PK domain
2: you may not receive that mail for all of your domains
3: always be aware of Spam mails.
4: You will receive the mail from (

Check the following screenshots to recognize the original ICANN mail.


1- Screenshot 1  (1) : That mail will look like this


ICANN verification step 1


Now follow screenshot number 2
Open the mail and you will see the instructions there.
There are 2 ways to verify the email

Screenshot 2:
(2) Click on this link to verify your email
(3) Open this form link you will see a new window where you have to put your email address and code, Code is provided in this mail.
(4) Code

ICANN verification step 2


Screenshot 3 : Here is the form page looks like but you can ignore this step and click on link 1 and verify your email.

Screenshot 4 : You will get this message at the end if the email successfully verified.


1: ICANN verification is not for .PK domain
2: you may not receive that mail for all of your domains
3: always be aware of Spam mails.
4: You will receive the mail from (

How To Active SSL For Domain From cPanel

1- Your domain must be connected with your hosting

2- Open Your cPanel

3- Find “SSL/TLS Status” Option in Cpanel

SSL Status

4- Now Click On “Run AutoSSL” Button

5- Wait for Process Completion

Run Auto SSL Process

6- You Are Done. SSL Is Now Active for Your Domains

SSL installation complete

Remember: The website must use HTTPS Protocol/URL. If you are using WordPress then go to settings > General > You can see URL options there

TheBeeHost Payment Methods

TheBeeHost Payment Methods



You can pay  us via

1: Bank Transfer Only



Account Title: THEBEEHOST
Account #: 55215001400419
IBAN: PK45ALFH5521005001400419 (If Needed)

Mobile Number: 03064444900

(Right now we are accepting payments in Bank only)


Note: Use your own JazzCash or EasyPaisa app for payment. Don’t use any shop for payment OR get JazzCash/EasyPaisa payment in your own account then transfer to us from your own JazzCash or EasyPaisa app because App will provide better screenshot.

Visit this link for USD to PKR convert rate: CLICK HERE

Note: Must take a snapshot/screenshot of your payment then send us at along with your invoice/reference number.

How to Register Hosting and Domain


If you want to buy domain name only then follow this guide


If want to buy Domain and Hosting both then continue with this guide

1- First select your hosting plan

2- Follow this link:

3- Now click on “ORDER NOW” Button of your desired hosting plan

4- Add domain name here
1: if you want to purchase new domain
2: if you want to transfer your domain from another company to TheBeeHost
3: if you have already a domain and just want to register hosting.

5- If you are buying new domain then find your domain
1: check domain status if it’s available or not
2: If it’s available then click continue for next step

6- in this step you can select billing cycle means your hosting and domain time period
1: Selecting billing cycle for 1 year or 3 year or more

2:  or Click CONTINUE for next step

7- Here you can select addon for your domain
two addon are free you can select them but one addon is for 2.5$

ID PROTECTION Addon for hiding domain owner WHOIS info from public

then Click to Continue

8- Here you can add discount promo code if you have one

1: in this box add promo code and click to “VALIDATE CODE”
2: or Click on CHECKOUT button to process next

9- Final step
1: Click on “Already Registered” button if you have created your account already

OR Fill the form and create your account

2: log in your account add your email and password
3: Check agreement checkbox
4: and Click here for COMPLETE THE ORDER

10- CONGRULATIONS. You are Done.

An invoice will be generated for your order.
Now you can send your payment for your order
Bank account details are also mention there on invoice

Visit this link to check our payment methods

Once payment is done send your payment picture/screenshot at along with your invoice number so we can verify your payment.

for More Payment Methods:


for More Payment Methods:

Adding Domain in Hosting


Adding New Domain In Your Existing Hosting cPanel

You have to perform 2 steps
1- Add your hosting nameservers in your domain
2- Add your domain in your cPanel

Note: .PK Domain nameservers can’t be managed by User end you have to request us we will add your nameservers in your .PK Domain

1- Log in to your TheBeeHost Client area

2- Click on Domain Section

3- Go to domain settings

4- Click “Nameservers” Option

5- Add your nameservers here
(Must enable “Use custom nameservers (enter below)” option )

and Save It.

6- Now go to your cPanel and Find Addon Domain Option and Open it.

7- Now add your domain here.
(Add your domain in the first box and leave the second subdomain box as it is then click  “Add Domain” Button.

8 – Congratulation. You are Done.